bom talking about B.I. and seungri comments….. (c)

hahaha Bom es unica


Lee Jong Hyuk: Is there a friend you want to go with?

Lee Junsu: Yeah! Kim Ji Ho

Lee Jong Hyuk: Kim Ji Ho? And?

Lee Junsu: Can we bring two people?

Lee Jong Hyuk: Even one friend is hard

Lee Junsu: Daeryong, Jiho and Yoonjin

Lee Jong Hyuk: Really? But do you know anyone’s number?

Lee Junsu:…

(EP 38) Do you like all girls?


Kim Sung Joo: Wow! Hoo brought a girlfriend! Introduce her to us!

Sung Dong Il: Hoo, this is too much! If a girl is pretty, is she automatically your friend?

Lee Junsu: Do you like all girls?

All: *laugh*

cheondung : what are we ?

seungho : SEUNGDOONG♥♥


This class  list is ridiculous.

Ep 30 Itakissu x appa odiga

This part of AO, i felt soooo itakiss.. (。-_-。 )人( 。-_-。)

Strict Joon oppa was tutoring Jia gentlely  (´ ▽`).。o♡

Khun imitates octopus for Junho

He is overcute!!! <3